Strength. Health. Balance.

Tai Chi for Energy I

This form set created by Dr. Paul Lam mixes the softer Sun Style Tai Chi form with the more driven, energetic Chen style.  The two contrasting slow and fast movements build lasting energy and improved strength.  Level: Easy-Intermediate

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation

This form set is the predecessor to Tai Chi for Energy.  This is an easy, gentle set that includes the popular Yang form and a touch of Chen style for an enjoyable and accessible form for all.  A great one for stress reduction and valuing our own self worth!  Level: Easy

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Dr. Paul Lam's first set of Tai Chi forms designed for the general public.  This set is created to reduce joint pain through gentle, higher stance (more upright standing) Sun Style.  It is easy on the joints and quickly creates Chi.  It is an enjoyable form set that can be performed by all.  Level: Easy

All classes are Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Health programs.  Dr. Paul Lam is a family physician and master Tai Chi practitioner.  He created clinically proven and effective Tai Chi form sets that are easily accessible to all.  Susan Thompson is a certified Tai Chi for Health instructor.