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FREE tutorial: Waving hands in clouds

FREE tutorial: Tai chi stance

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Seated Tai Chi $19.99


If you are wanting to get started in Tai Chi but do not know where to begin, this is an excellent course.  You will learn fundamental principles of posture and Tai Chi movement, while in he seated position.  This way you can really focus on what your body is doing before learning the balance and stepping.  Great for those who are de-conditioned or hav e poor balance.  This course should be followed by Tai Chi for Beginners for a comprehensive Tai Chi for beginners learning experience.  


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Easy Qigong for Stress Relief and Health $19.99

If you are wanting simple movements for improved health, balance and strength, Easy Qigong is your course!  This will guide you through 18 gentle Qigong movements to improve your health and well being.  Susan provides thorough instruction on each individual movement. There is also a run through with verbal instructions and a run through while standing at the beach, in peaceful silence.  


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Learn 24 Yang Style Tai Chi  - $24.99

The Yang 24 Form is the most popular style of Tai Chi.  If you would love to join in with others (say in China) and know the movements, this course will teach you this most popular form set.  You will learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi movement and as well as in-depth lessons on each form/movement.  Susan provides a kind and gentle learning environment with plenty of instructions, visuals and practice opportunities.   


Click the title to see a few free sample videos from this course.

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